Monday, October 1, 2012

Fort Worden TSCA Messabout 2012

I have a lot to tell you about, as the summer sailing season draws to a close and we'll start with last weekend's Puget Sound Traditional Small Craft Association messabout in Port Townsend, Washington.

It's a full days journey to reach Fort Worden, at the confluence of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Admiralty Inlet, from the mid-Oregon coast. It may seem a long haul for a one day event, but I try to make it every year because the sailing, camaraderie and potluck are superlative.

This year was no exception. There were quite a few new faces and new boats on the beach, as you will see from the photos. Unfortunately I didn't make the rounds as well as I'd like, to get everyone's story, because the Navy was on maneuvers with an aircraft carrier and it's accompanying flotilla. You might wonder how ships two or three miles away could impact a bunch of boats on the beach, so I'll tell you...

One minute it's a calm sunny day on the beach at Fort Worden. Then two miles away, in Admiralty Inlet, an aircraft carrier goes by. It's so far away, you hardly notice until it's wake hits the beach fifteen minutes later. Look closely in the distance of this photo and you'll see the culprit, seemingly drifting by harmlessly.

The Swamping of Paku from doryman on Vimeo.

I grab the painter as the surf takes control of the beached Good Little Skiff, Paku and watch helplessly as the swell increases for an indeterminable time. At last, she is pooped and sinks on the sand with a hundred gallons of water and sand holding her to the bottom.

A sinking feeling.

The breezes were light and provided some comfortable sailing. The best way to avoid being pooped and sunk on the beach is to cast off for deep water and set sail! Every sailor knows the dangers of a lee shore and the relief of finding clear, open water.

As usual, the photos can be found on Doryman's Flickr site:



Bursledon Blogger said...

As nice a collection of small boats as you could wish to see.

doryman said...

There's a few that I missed. Two Core Sound 17's and a Drascome Peterboat. Didn't get any good shots of the Caledonia Yawl, either. A Great Pelican 16, with fully battened sails, came by but didn't stop.