Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toledo, Oregon Wooden Boat Show, 2013

Whew! Just recovering from a long weekend at the annual boat show in my home port. This show happens every third weekend in August and it's always a lot of fun in the sun, on the water. Of course there are the boats, many of which were created by their owners. The live music is excellent, the food is very good, there are activities for kids, demonstrations of kayak skills and paper boat races. The last is completely insane. Toledo is a mill town and the paper used in making the boats is a water resistant packing material donated by the mill. The rest is up to the imagination. I'm afraid that to get the full effect, you have to visit the show.

My cruising dory, Mistral was in the thick of the action, at her usual mooring and I talked myself hoarse in three days, visiting friends from near and far. Our Teak Lady sailboats were in action, giving rides up and down the slough and the Toledo Community Boathouse provided rowing and paddling craft for free, to all comers.

I asked some friends to help take photos, which you can find on Doryman's Flickr site. You will recognise many boats from previous years as well as newcomers to the fleet (some of us just can't quit building).

Speaking of building, a real highlight of this show is the Family Boat Build. Starting on Friday, each group begins their boat, which was a  kayak this year. By Sunday afternoon, the boats are launched and tested by the proud owners. This little fifteen foot kayak is so appealing, I'm going to build one myself. The hull is already begun. It will be the annual winter boat build, here on Doryman, so stay tuned

Electric Tug from doryman on Vimeo.


club6.50 said...

Hi Dory man,
I have just published a new website about a boat I have designed called the club 6.50m.
It's by inspired John welsford's penguin, Iain oughtred's Farne islander and the simple build of Steve redmond's Elver. It can be built as a classic or modern design.
Hope you like it.
You might like cover it on your blog??
Many thanks

doryman said...

Somehow I missed your note back in November. I've had a look at your website and it looks very appealing. Have you made any progress in the development? I'd be happy to alert my readers when you're ready.

James howgego said...

Im just about to build the bottom panel. will send pics when i have done.
yours James