Monday, May 9, 2016

Doryman's Melonseed

In the upper left corner of this page is a search window. If you type in Doryman's Melonseed design, you will find, as I did, that this project started in December of 2011. How could that be? Four and a half years. Well, I guess you know how fate has befallen this sailor.
Take heart my patient reader, for the long awaited sail-rig has evolved to the test stage. We already know how Aria rows. Like a song.

Martin and I chose a calm day for our first sail. Turned out to be breathless, but we had enough puffs to get a feel for how this 'seed flies.

It was apparent from the first, the free-footed sail needs a boom for windward work. The fixed keel shape, taken from Atkin's Valgerda allowed quite a bit of leeway, but I think that will improve with a boom as well. I intend to leave the foot loose, lash the sail to the boom at the tack and clew and use a downhaul from the clew to the base of the mast.


If this sounds confusing, we'll come back soon with photos and an updated report.

Please stay tuned.


Graham Neil said...

Oh I do love a Melonseed.
If you extended the sail out to the fwd end of the yard you'd have a Balanced Lug, and why not!

doryman said...

The balanced lug is what I'm working toward. I designed the boat with a sprit rig, which is the traditional sail rig for the melonseed. But in the intervening years, I've realized I really don't like the sprit rig, for reasons discussed earlier. Adapting the sprit rig (and the sail I'd already made)to a balanced lug has been a bit of a challenge. First, the mast is too short, since the upper yard doesn't hoist as high as the sprit and hanging the sail from a higher point on the head means the sail barely clears the deck at the tack. I don't want to shorten the sail, so I've created a conundrum for myself. (Nothing new there). It will all sort out, just need to wrap my head around it.

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how you will attach a boom that will clear the deck as the sprit rig sail does using the existing foot on your sail if you don't want to shorten it.