Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ulukhaktok Dory Ketch

Issuma is a 15m (50') steel staysail schooner with lifting keel, built by META in France to a Damien II design.

She has recently navigated the Northwest Passage from Whitehorse, Canada with a relatively ice free summer. Issuma has just completed the Bearing Strait, north to south. A fascinating story.

While they were in Ulukhaktok, Diamond Jenness Peninsula, Victoria Island, Canada, they came across the steel dory ketch Nur, which naysayers will note is a St Pierre Dory writ large.

Dan Johnson, I thought you in particular would appreciate this shot. Welcome aboard!
Looking forward to hearing more about the construction of your Badger.


Dan said...

I like it! perhaps i should have gone down the steel dory line - would have made a fine Icebreaker .

doryman said...

Ice is a diminishing threat, it seems. A dory hull would be comparatively easy to weld up. Not my style though. Perhaps because my welding skills are pretty poor.
I could think of a few good reasons to go that route, though - beaching the boat for instance.
This boat can sit on that beach unharmed for a long time, if necessary.